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Family getaways are a great change of pace, whether that be spring break school vacations, weekend trips, or traveling for the holidays, but what do you do with the furry members of your family? Pets can make or break a trip, so planning is a hugely important aspect of traveling with or without your pet.

Traveling and unfamiliarity can be very disruptive to pets, so make sure to keep them as comfortable as possible by keeping their favorite toys, blankets or dishes to use while you’re away. Likewise, if your pet will be spending lengths of time in a pet carrier, be sure to prepare them for anything they aren’t used to to ensure optimum comfort. Place your pet in the carrier each day and gradually increase the amount of time they spend inside to get them comfortable in the carrier.

If you plan to fly to your vacation destination with your pet, don’t forget to check all of the airline requirements regarding traveling pets. Some animals may be allowed to fly in the cabin with you if they are small enough, but some may be too large. No less than five or six hours before departing is the best time to feed your pet before the flight and they should have a drink of water around two hours beforehand. Animals become susceptible to sickness when traveling.
Making plans and finding pet-friendly hotels is the most important part of vacationing with your pet, because many lodging choices have strict rules about pets. If they do allow you to bring your pet inside with you at night, be sure about your plans during the day. Often times, leaving your pet alone in the room during the day is out of the question, so including your pets during daily activities or finding other options may be the best scenario.

Sometimes the destination is just too far to include your beloved dogs, but they can still stay comfortable and safe at a doggie camp of your choice that you feel will take care of them well while you’re away. There are many different options, like Camp Bow Wow, that even allow you to see your pet at any of their locations across the country on a webcam system from your iPhone.