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There is nothing more challenging than deciphering what to pack for trip and how to pack it properly. Questions like, “Should I pack one sweater or two?” “How many pairs of jeans are considered too many?” and “How can I protect my fragile items?” daunt many travelers. Let’s not forget the 50-pound baggage allowance that we all have to abide by, which is an added stressor. However, packing can be surprisingly easy and fun when done correctly. Use these helpful packing tips provided by pro-organizer, Barbara Reich, for your next journey. You’ll be a pro-packer before you know it. 




Although we may think our ten different pairs of True Religion jeans are essentials, they simply aren’t. Packing an excess amount of the same item gives you less room to work with and weighs down your suitcase significantly. Try to get a good combination of clothes that coincide with all possible weather changes. Rule #1 according to Reich, “A light cardigan in a neutral color for layering should always be packed along with a pair of jeans.  These two items are great to mix and match with other outfits and a cardigan is great to have on hand in case it gets chilly.  A phone charger is also necessary as it is always helpful to have a working phone on you in case of emergencies.”