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2. Get a say in your schedule/personalize your schedule Retreat itineraries usually go one of two ways: either you’re given an endless menu of fitness classes and wellness seminars (translation: too much choice) or the program is jam-packed with mandatory hikes, exercise classes and seminars (translation: no choice). Either way, it’s overwhelming. Not so at Lake Louise. Days usually include a yoga session, a morning and afternoon session with the retreat leader and a group dinner, leaving plenty of wiggle room to explore Lake Louise, whether snowshoeing, ice skating, hiking, kayaking or canoeing, or to just unwind in the spa whirlpool or steam room. And eat! Meals and drink tickets are included, and with eight dining options to choose from, from grabbing a quick oatmeal breakfast at the Chateau Deli to lingering over a multi-course meal at Lakeview Lounge while soaking in the stunning views of the lake and Victoria Peak, there’s something for every appetite.