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If you have a business that revolves around health and wellness and you don't have a massage therapist on staff or on call, you may be missing out. It doesn't matter what your business is. If you have a yoga studio, a nutrition business, do physical therapy or you're a chiropractor, you can benefit from offering massage therapy to your existing clients.


Massage was once only thought of as something people got done for luxury. It was an added expense for people when on vacation or at a retreat. Now, however, massage has become a medical breakthrough that helps with many ailments, from stress to cancer. It just makes sense that businesses in the realm of wellness would want to work closely with a massage therapist in order to offer more to the people that come to them for wellness.

Why Massage Therapy?

People are learning the many benefits that massage therapy has to offer and it is becoming far more popular as an integrative therapy. Many general practitioners are even sharing the benefits of massage with their patients. There are many types of massage therapy, so you can hire a practitioner that knows many or just one, depending on what your services are.

If you run a sports therapy clinic it can be beneficial for you to have a sports massage therapist on hand. If you run a chiropractic business you may want someone that knows how to do deep tissue massage. The ideas are endless.

Take some time to look into the numerous types of massage and which ones seem like they'd integrate well with what you offer.

The Benefits of Massage in Your Business

The benefits to your clients or patients include stress relief, back pain relief, headache relief, less pain in the muscles and joints, and more. Massage therapy can help people get increased flexibility and it also helps increase circulation.

Aside from the benefits to your patients and clients, massage can also benefit your business in general. Offering massage therapy will increase your profits and could even increase your clientele. 

Hiring a Massage Therapist

On top of finding the right therapy style for your business, you want to find something that fits well. If you don't have space for someone to have their own permanent room, you'll want a massage therapist that can work on call and has a portable massage table. Maybe you have the space and want someone full time. You may also find that having a massage therapist on staff increases your profits enough that you can expand and offer a full time space.

There are so many benefits to massage therapy, for both client and business, it just doesn't make sense not to look into it and see if it works for your wellness business. Whether it's for the relief of pain or simply for the pleasure of a relaxing massage, people are looking more and more towards alternative therapies for wellness and prevention.

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