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Its sophisticated touch and rich tone has stood the test of time in fashion. Its timeless quality makes it one of the most beautiful tones to use in decoration. What was once used to symbolize wealth and power now embodies the tone of every day beauty and light in an every day space. Here are five methods to decorate your space with the ever-beautiful and shining color of gold.

1. Make a Statement: Gold has the impact of a “wow” factor in a room. With simply adding in one gold element, it changes a plain room to having personal style and a mature presence. Paint a stand-alone chair or table gold. Use gold wallpaper or trim in a front room. Place gold accented candlesticks or pillows in your living room. Even with very little effort, these gold statement pieces will act memorable.

2. Marry Metallic: Don’t fear matching gold with silver or other shades. Gold isn’t the only metallic that should get a chance to shine. Especially in large spaces, combine gold with other shades such as silver, platinum, and rose gold. By nature, metallic tones are dynamic and add a sense of texture and dimension. It’s a myth, just as it is with brown and black, to say that that they can’t be mixed. Word to the wise: it’s called dual tones.

3. Accessorize: One of the most simple ways to decorate without committing to painting or buying a large staple item is accessorizing. Search for gold accessories such as frames, mugs, candleholders, etc. Adorn the room with these pieces as if they were jewelry.

4. Print It Up: Simple. Chic. Sophisticated. The current craze, delicate gold foil prints, is a precious and personalized way to decorate. We recommend local companies who can truly customize your vision such as Always Lou Party Studio and Designs. The Arizona-based company offers an inexpensive and chic way to add a touch of gold into the room. It can dress up an understated space instantly. 

5. Loud Accents: For the bold at heart, be loud with your gold statement. Paint an entire wall gold, a whole dinner table gold, or you’re a China hutch. The larger the statement piece, the louder the impact. These accents can stand alone, and draw in an audience to the room.

6. Utilize Wall Space: Don’t neglect wall space. The common decorator tends to buy accessories and seating without thinking of the large built-in fixtures that come automatically in every room. Walls. Let’s use them. Buying gold metallic wallpaper, painting, or hanging large decorative fixtures give purpose to the infrastructural beams. Decorating them also fees up space in the room to give it more of an open and less cluttered feel.