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Looking to revamp your bedroom? Wall colors, bedding, and room decoartions are always a great idea, but don’t overlook the obvious. Headboards can provide a major impact when it comes to redoing your private master room space. Don’t look at them as a boring piece of necessary furniture but rather as a creative platform for your room. Here are 4 reasons from La Maison Interiors of why you should pay more attention to your headboard and what it can offer you.

1. A Headboard Can Change the Mood and Feel of a Bedroom: Like pieces of art, headboards have the ability to create a specific atmosphere. Don’t overlook the possibilities that headboards can provide for your bedroom space.

2. Upholstered Headboards Are The Trend: From classic to modern, nail head trimmed leather to soft, tufted upholstered headboards; to rhinestone embedded, headboards don’t have to be boring. In fact it’s the perfect canvas to explore some new textures, colors, and designs. Try pairing simple bedding with an eclectic headboard.

3. It Helps Coordinate the Style of the Space: Coordinate the bedding with the style of the headboard as well as the design of the bedroom. Coordinating styles can make for a perfectly styled room. Whether the bed is the accent of the room or not, making the styles and colors flow will ensure a perfectly designed bedroom.

4. Don’t Shy Away From Color: Be bold, especially with a contemporary bedroom. With headboards generally being the center focus of a bedroom, changing the color can make a statement and cause the vibe of the room to dramatically shift. Don’t be scared to try a new, bright color!


-Suzanne Koch