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PHX Architecture asks, “What makes a great guest room?”

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During the Holidays chances are you’ll either be a guest, or hosting guests, as families and friends travel far and near to celebrate together. PHX Architecture designs a lot of guest rooms and guest houses, and they asked, “what do you think makes a great guest room?” Here are some of the answers;

  • Comfy bed with a lot of pillows- Nothing says “welcome” like a cloud to sleep on!
  • A cozy bathrobe and plenty of towels and blankets- don’t force a guest to tiptoe around the house looking for more towels or blankets.
  • Fresh flowers are always a nice touch- a warm welcome goes a long way!
  • Carafe of water with a glass on nightstand- Guests hate waking up the rest of the house when they are thirsty in the middle of the night.
  • A universal phone charger- From cell phones to tablets, your guests may forget to bring a charger for all of their electronics, keep them plugged in with a universal charger at their disposal.
  • Open Wi-Fi connection- Make sure to write down the user name and password!
  • Small clock with alarm- Time changes throw everyone off- don’t be late!
  • Small mirror or vanity if the guest suite does not have an attached bathroom- let’s your guest get ready in the comfort of their own room.
  • List of information on local interests, attractions, and suggestions on where to dine.
  • Empty dresser, hangers in closet, or luggage rack- give your guest space to put their clothes or luggage if a closet is not available.
  • Everyone forgets at least one thing when they travel- lessen the stress by having ­­ travel sized toiletries available!
  • Stock bedside tables with reading materials for guests to unwind after a long day.

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