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The holiday celebrations may be fading away, but inside your home, the evidence of their destruction is still evident. Dirt tracked over the carpet, a pile of presents spilling out of the closet, the glass of wine that Grandpa accidentally dumped on the sofa—all that holiday cheer can certainly take a toll on your home decor. But there’s still a whole lot of winter to spend stuck indoors, so you might as well make sure you like what you’re seeing. If your interiors could use a mid-winter update, then these tips are for you.

Paint a Piece of Furniture in a Bright, Bold Color

New Year’s resolutions? How about New Year’s renovations? You’d be amazed what a quick coat of paint can do for an aging dresser or a forgotten side table. To ward off the bleakness of the weather outside, choose a bright, springy color like a crisp mint green or a glorious saffron—and watch as the winter blues melt away.

Redo Your Mantel

It’s cold out, and it’s only going to get colder before the winter is through. And that means you’ll have plenty of time to spend around the fire. Give yours some life with a DIY mantel makeover. Take a rustic 1x8 and cut it to size, then bolt it to the wall with some decorative brackets. The perfect resting spot for a mug of hot chocolate!

Let in the Light

With the days shorter than ever, you need to take advantage of every second of sunlight. But that’s hard to do in rooms with few or no windows. Maximize your home’s natural light by replacing a solid wood door with French glass—or turn an ordinary window into a glass door. The more you can flood your interiors with light, the less dingy and dim they’ll seem.