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     Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 12.23.23 PMIt’s officially the holiday season: AH! We have entered the season of family gatherings---Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, New Years, etc. As this beautiful season is upon us, we know that the most cherished of moments are more than not spent at the dining room table enjoying our favorite indulgences. In these most precious of times, spend them dining in style. Here are 7-take home tips from La Maison Interiors to dining in style throughout your holidays.

1.      Your Dining Table, More Than A Centerpiece: The dining table becomes an important furnishing during this time. You spend hours laughing over stuffing with mashed potatoes or late-night cocktails. Use the dining table as a destination within your home. 

2.      Expandable Tables: Today’s dining tables feature expandable tables with “folding leaves.” This means, no more storing additional leaves in the hall closet just in case your entire extended family decides to come over. Tables can easily expand from seating for six to seating for 20.

3.     Round Table Dining, Do it: Consider furnishing your home with a round table as it encourages conversation at the table. These aren’t just for the knights anymore.

4.    Multiply Your Tables: If the size of your dining room allows, consider two or three smaller tables that can be combined for a large group. It allows your inside space to feel more like an official event gathering, party style. Also, there will be less yelling across the table and more intimate conversations within the smaller table settings.

5.      Make it Comfy: Comfortable seating is vital for a comfortable evening, especially when you spend so much time dining over the holidays. Even today’s contemporary seating allows for comfort. Look for chairs or benches that have inviting cushions with a pop of color.

6.      Community Seating: Consider benches as seating. This type of seating allows for more guests at the table. Who doesn’t love a strong community of friends and family throughout the holidays?

7.      Safety Floors: Place felt pads on the legs of the dining chairs so that chairs do not scratch floor. With so many cooks in the kitchen and family at the table, the floor will already get enough wear and tear on it - take preventative measures to help not add any more.

8.      Take Time To Decorate: Set a festive table with fine china & crystal, candlesticks, fresh flowers, etc. Use tools such as Pinterest and Azfoothills.com Valley Girl blog for decoration inspiration. 

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