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Twenty years of time-tested business integrity

      Affinity Kitchens, now celebrating its 20th year in business, has developed a long-standing reputation for Design Expertise, Outstanding Customer Service, and Quality Craftsmanship. Together with their parent company – Legacy Kitchens – they are one of the North America’s largest centers for cabinetry design and installation.

     Their Designers offer unparalleled expertise within the cabinetry design industry. That, along with consistent corporate integrity, is the factor that truly sets Affinity Kitchens apart from other companies in their field. Affinity’s core value – “Valuing People through our Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism” – shows through in every step of the process.  From initial consultation through design and completion, Affinity’s clients can expect the best! 

      Think about a new “gourmet” kitchen or a luxurious “spa-like” bath. Affinity’s beautiful showroom serves greater Phoenix, Tucson, and Arizona. It stands as a perfect place to look for ideas, inspirations, and examples of cutting edge design. Come into one of their showrooms at any time.

1. Kitchen Design Process:  Good design is the foundation of a great remodel or new kitchen. Look through design magazines, web sites like Houzz, Pintrest and of course www.AffinityKitchens.com.  Collect photos that catch your eye. This is the first step in discovering your design style. Bring in your collection of photos and meet with one of Affinity’s talented designers. During that meeting they will ask more questions about how you live, priorities for your kitchen, design theme for your home, and much more. They can help you develop a realistic budget – you don’t want to spend too much. Affinity’s process simplifies what others make very difficult.  

2. Material Selection and Quotation: Your personal designer will guide you through the selection of color, style, material and other options for cabinets such as accessories, appliances, countertops, sinks and faucets, flooring and backsplash.

3. Scheduling and Installation: After your design is perfect and you are comfortable with all the details, your cabinetry will be carefully ordered. Affinity works with some of the finest manufacturers in North America. Once ordered a coordinator will contact you and schedule the delivery and expert installation. Many of Affinity’s craftsmen have been installing cabinetry for more than 20 years.    

4. Quality Control Supervisor: One of the most exemplary parts of Affinity is that they send out their very own quality control supervisor to conduct a full a thorough inspection of all work done. A detailed list will be made to outline any outstanding service or warranty items as well as any required touch-up, adjustment, or repair. This cabinetry expert will open and close each door and drawer to make sure that everything is functioning perfectly.  

5. Service: After the primary installation and a full inspection have happened, a secondary installation involving hardware, cabinet trim, service items and appliance panels will occur.   

6. Enjoy YOUR luxurious Kitchen and Cabinetry!: All Affinity products come with a lifetime warranty. You can rest easy and truly enjoy your beautifully designed cabinetry for as long as you own your home.

      “Our work is not finished until everything is installed precisely according to the designed specifications and our clients are thrilled with the craftsmanship that we have provided!” says Owner Stephen Klassen.

      Your kitchen has provided you with the most precious of memories throughout your lifetime. It’s where you remember learning to cook your favorite dish with your mom, remember sneaking bits of food from the counter before dinner, and remember endlessly watching grandma bake the perfect desserts. Design that kitchen of yours with your own personal style for you and your loved ones to create many lasting memories. 

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