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7 Rules to Accessorizing Your Home

       Just as our jewelry accessories reflect our ever-changing styles and individual personalities, so do the interior designs of our homes and living spaces. Accessories reflect who we are and are the “jewelry of our interior.” Accessories complete a room just as they complete an ensemble. When looking to accessorize, consider the follow rules to keep a room stylistic and yours:

    1. Less is More: Just like what you have to tell a little girl when she reaches for a container of glitter, “LESS IS MORE!” Just like most things, it’s always the most functional, as well as the most stylistic, to keep things simple. The current design trend is for simplicity---clean, open rooms with very few accessories.   

    2. The Rule of Three: Group accessories in odd numbers (not necessarily always three) (3, 5, etc.). Odd numbers are more visually appealing and don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and textures.     

    3. High Ceilings: They always call for tall tabletop accessories. Ceiling height in a room allows for added height on a majority of your surfaces.  Accessories that are too small will be lost in the vast space.  Large pieces of art are a great way to fill the space.        

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    4. Don’t Fear Color:  Accessories should add that “punch” of color. Just because “simplicity” is currently in style does not mean that there should be any lack of color or pizzazz.    

     5. Follow The Design: Accessories should follow the style of the design of the room. Keep a theme in mind while accessorizing and yet mixing styles can work if done properly.    

     6. Brass is Back!: Incorporate brass accessories into your home. Brass works well with all design styles. Be it traditional, modern, eclectic, or brass works. And when it comes to modern and contemporary, brass will make the room appear a bit warmer and richer.    

     7. Change Seasonally: Consider changing accessories with the change of seasons. It will keep your interior interesting for family members and guests.  Keep in mind that just because the season has changed doesn’t mean that the style or theme of the room has as well. It may something as simple as changing out the pillows.

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