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Large or small, all breeds can enjoy a dog park. Find the perfect place to let your pooch socialize and play.



Cosmo Dog Park

Cosmo Dog Park is in Gilbert and separated into three areas,:one for larger, active dogs; another for smaller, timid dogs; and one including the lake. Joan and Mark Kuchta, visitors to the park with their dog, Harley, said it is easier to socialize the dogs in separate areas because the areas distinguish compatible personalities.

Jocelyn Mayes, who is not a dog owner but has been to the park, says, “I think the three areas work well. The timid dog area is a safe place for smaller dogs, some being under five pounds, and a good place to gradually introduce a dog new to the park.”

Kuchta says the park is safe, comfortable and pretty clean considering the number of dogs that go through it. “Personally, I think a newcomer should keep their dog on a leash and gradually socialize their dog instead of just letting them go,” Kuchta says. “Later they can let their dog off the leash depending on how they do.”