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A teepee party is a fun and unexpected twist on the traditional Thanksgiving celebration. It allows for a casual family-and-friends dining experience, one that partygoers—little and big—can enjoy.



This invitation, which sets the tone and expectation for your event, was developed by The Paper Place and features colors and clever wording to convey the theme. If you’d rather write and create your own invitation, an easy and inexpensive solution can be found in a children’s book. You can mimic the style, re-create the artwork and even duplicate the rhyming story while adding your own words and details of your party. Plus, children love to be a part of this process.


For this bash, the 36-foot teepee was constructed with brown burlap fabric that was sewn and hung on pipes. To add interesting detail, thick rope was twisted around the top of the poles. The rug was fashioned of turquoise fur that was cut and secured with simple packaging tape onto inexpensive cardboard and laid at the bottom of the teepee. American Indian-inspired fabric was sewn together for the pillows that were casually arranged around the low table. Creative Event Rentals put the creation together and ensured a stable, child-proof and comfortable tablescape. Outside the teepee was a basket to hold shoes upon entering, another simple yet memorable detail.


Food & Drink
With leather wrapped around the base and the addition of a few turquoise beads, basic Champagne glasses were transformed into theme-appropriate drinks. While the adults sipped Champagne, the littlest guests were served apple juice. The menu was a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all the expected trimmings, including stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans and pumpkin pie, and was provided by Michael’s Catering. The servers wore costumes to further underscore the theme, which makes for fun and memorable picture-taking, especially for the children.


afm1110-behind-the-bash-favor2 afm1110-behind-the-bash-favor
The chocolate-brown gift box was adorned with a decorative ribbon and a place card, again repeating  the invitation colors. The place cards not only provide more detail to your table and favor box but serve the practical purpose of letting guests know where they are to be seated. Inside, you will find a turquoise drum for the little ones to busy themselves with while the grown-ups enjoy their dining experience.