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Painting Tips

Slathering on a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to give your home a mini makeover, which plenty of people are looking to do as spring cleaning begins. To help in choosing the right paints for your home, Mary Lawlor, color stylist at Kelly-Moore Paint, provides some useful pointers.



Give Your Patio a Chic Makeover

There's no place like home. So why do we love escaping to incredible resorts, restaurants and lounges? The delightful furniture and ambiance, that's why! We've enlisted the help of Today's Patio to determine the best pieces to create the ultimate party or relaxation destination- in our own backyard. 



Spring Makeover Ideas

Spring cleaning doesn’t always have to be a chore. Make it fun by using this time to add some bright accents to liven up your home.



Fun Upscale Sofas

Sure, everyone wants to have the designer clothes and fancy new heels for a big night out but who will be there for you when you come home after you’ve spilled on your dress and those shoes have destroyed your feet? Your comfy, stylish couch. Here are some ideas to make sure one of your most important pieces of furniture matches you and your home.



Landscaping in the Desert

Your desert yard doesn’t have to be a dry, empty wasteland. Some of the Valley’s best landscape experts have unique ideas to bring a little life to your home’s exterior.


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