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Photo Courtesy of: Paul Johnson 

 During his time in office, the Bertelsmann Award honored Phoenix as the “Best Run City in the World.” It came partly based in because of Johnson’s efforts to help the city transition to a self-insurance model. Now, former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson (1990-1994) has been working on finding affordable solutions for business and people when it comes to cutting unnecessary healthcare costs.

Johnson ran for city council when he was 23-years-old. He said that he knocked on eighty thousand doors, and only stopped knocking when he won the city council seat. Johnson believes in disrupting the status quo and is very heavily involved in political reform around the state and the country.  

As a co-founder of Redirect Health, Johnson works to provide healthcare solutions with a team of doctors, physicians and other experts in the medical field while offering companies alternatives to the high-cost insurance plans most use.

Redirect Health provides affordable healthcare services that comply with the Affordable Care Act and helps reduce extraneous administrations costs by finding cost-efficient solutions to address healthcare needs. Customers are seeing a dramatic reduction in their premium plan with Redirect Health, according to Johnson.  

Plans cost $86 per member and offer different services such as a twenty-four hour a day phone service that helps identify the health problems and offers care and guidance to people when they are sick or injured. It is important to note that Redirect Health does not provide health insurance, and it is not an insurance company.

With this new venture, former Phoenix Mayor Johnson is working closely with experts in the medical field to help provide health care solutions to businesses and help them reduce costs.

Johnson said, “change the world, think the unthinkable and have a blast.”