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Get to know Micah Johnson.  He was voted the “Most Fashionable Over 30- Men,” in our  Best of Our Valley contest.


He’s a television agent now and splits his time between Scottsdale and Hawaii.  Micah used to be in news, being the youngest anchor at CNN when he joined in 1987.  After an illustrious career in journalism, he went into politics during the Bush administration.  Micah knows what it takes to be a television personality, and uses that knowledge to help identify and represent new talent at his agency, MediaStars.  Read more to find out what he wears when making 7-figure deals.

Arizona Foothills Magazine: Where are you from? 

Michah Johnson: I was born in Pittsburgh and grew up in a rural town about two and a half hours northeast from there.

AFM: How long have you lived in Phoenix?

MJ: I have lived in Phoenix for fourteen years. Time flies.

AFM: What is your profession? 

MJ: I’m a television agent. I negotiate contracts for the people you see on TV. It’s never a dull moment where one phone call can change someone’s life.

AFM: How long have you been in this career?

MJ: I’ve been in television most of my life. First as an anchor and correspondent at CNN, then NBC followed by news management positions. I’ve run MediaStars since 1998.

AFM: Why is it your passion?

MJ: I love watching people achieve great things. I also love to help them get there. It’s very gratifying to watch someone’s career become more and more successful and know you were a part of it.

AFM: Why do you think you won Most Fashionable?

MJ: I’d like to think because I’m very fashionable.

AFM: How did you get your votes?

MJ: When you rep some of the most influential people on television, they tend to be able to rally support.

AFM: Where does your fashion inspiration come from?

MJ: I’m not sure it comes from one single place. Fashion is about attitude and confidence. The same Brioni suit can look different because of the way the person wears it.  I’ve made 7-figure deals wearing Armani and also wearing a T-shirt and cargo shorts. One recent network deal was done wearing Hinano board shorts.

AFM: What is your must have item when it comes to your wardrobe?

MJ: I would say, attitude! You have to be able to pull off anything and not care what others may think. I recently wore a pair of southwest Kokopelli socks that I found in Cave Creek with an Armani tuxedo on the red carpet at the Primetime Emmy Awards. I don’t always like conforming.

AFM: Do you have pets?

MJ: I have three cats: a Bengal, Maine Coon and shelter rescue. I also have lots of javelina, coyotes, bobcats and the wildlife around my house.

AFM: Do you have any hidden talents?

MJ: Hidden?  I’ve played the piano since I was 4. Does that count?