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 Arizona Foothills Magazine has given back to our community for more than 16 years and we are about to take on one of our largest projects yet! Arizona Foothills Magazine will be partnering with The Phoenix Dream Center and some amazing community leaders such as Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Meek, from Desert Star Construction, and Mark and Chrissy Donnelly, authors and philanthropists. The Phoenix Dream Center serves more than 40,000 people every month through a variety of programs and Arizona Foothills Magazine will be helping by supporting The Dream Center Life Recovery Program.

We are so excited to be a part of such a wonderful cause and help in every way we can to make this project spectacular! The Dream Center Life Recovery program is a faith-based, residential recovery program that helps men and women overcome substance abuse, anger management and emotional struggles. The Dream Center Rescue Project operates two separate homes for underage girls and adult women (18-30) who have been rescued from human trafficking and sex slavery from the streets of Phoenix.The Rescue Project is designed specifically to meet all their needs including spiritual and emotional support, while providing an environment that is loving and caring.

Read more to find out about how we are going to help The Rescue Project be a tremendous success! AZfoothills.com is so proud and honored to be a part of such a wonderful cause by helping girls have a safe haven. The 10 top design firms in the Valley will be participating in a contest to create the best room for these girls. These designers were chosen not only because of their incredible skills but also because of their big heart. Each designer came forward to help with The Rescue Project by donating their time, energy and money to help create a beautiful room. By working together to help build a warm and loving environment for these oppressed girls, we are facilitating a better community in Arizona.

Meet Oz Architects

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Inga Brooks (Photography by Dan Raustadt at www.biggerpictureimages.com)

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Don Ziebell (left), Amy Johannsen (left center), Inga Brooks (right center), Merritt Larson (right)

Arizona Foothills Magazine: What is the name of your company?

OA: Oz Architects, Inc. – Lead Interior Designer

Arizona Foothills Magazine: When and where was your company founded?

OA: Our company was founded in 1992 in California, with the main office. It was then relocated to Phoenix in 1995. In 2009, Interior Design was added as a key component of the business, exclusively to compliment the architectural projects of Oz.

 Arizona Foothills Magazine: Where is your office located?

OA: We are located in the Scottsdale Airpark at 7401 E. Redfield Rd, sharing a building with Antiquities. Antiquities is our sister company that imports antique and reclaimed European building materials for our own clients and projects .

Arizona Foothills Magazine: Why did you choose to become a designer?

 OA: Pursuing a career in design came naturally after being raised in a home that embraced the beauty and function of antique. I also learned to embrace classic designs alongside contemporary art and ideas. Traditionally, buildings themselves were often both beautiful and functional. For example, one of the things I most enjoy about my work at Oz is being able to fully integrate the style and details of the interiors with the architectural design for our clients’ homes.


Arizona Foothills Magazine: What other designers have inspired your vision to create beautiful work?

 OA: I feel that we are often surrounded by inspiring people, places, and objects ‐ the key is taking the time to notice. I seek inspiration in many different places, from nature to classic design style, from artists, architects, and designers to current fashions. I admire and appreciate a range of styles from the comforting, sophisticated work of Rose Tarlow to the rich natural simplicity and beauty created by European designers such as Alex Vervoodt and Marcel Wolternick.

 Arizona Foothills Magazine: What sets you apart from other designers?

OA: A commitment to creating comfortable, functional designs that reflect the owner’s goals and lifestyle. I also love to help reinforce the quality of the architecture. While I try to acknowledge current styles, I also believe it is very important to create designs that are time‐ worthy and lasting. We feel it is very important, particularly in the current state of the economy, to provide owner’s with cost effective, value oriented solutions that are fully coordinated with the building and construction process.

 Arizona Foothills Magazine: What is the craziest idea that someone has asked you to design?

OA: There are no crazy ideas, just creative ones!

 Arizona Foothills Magazine: Is there one specific design you have done that is your favorite or you have had the most fun with?

 OA: I just completed a wonderful project in Silverleaf. I partnered with the clients to help bring their visions to reality. She has a great sense of style and design and it really was fun to work together incorporating the found antiques and family treasures within the new designs of the home. A mix of new and antique materials throughout both the architecture and interiors of the house added to the welcoming feel of their home. Designed with the clients, to fit their lifestyle and needs, it truly will be a beautiful gathering place for the whole family!

 Arizona Foothills Magazine: What are the main reasons you are choosing to participate in such a wonderful and motivating cause?

OA: I am excited to be participating in this wonderful cause and believe that design can be inspirational and nurturing, which are qualities that could be very important to the young women at the Dream Center. It is often the perception that only the wealthy have access to good design, so we hope our participation can be a small part of expanding that access.

 Arizona Foothills Magazine: What experience do you hope to take away from helping the beautiful and inspiring women from the Phoenix Dream Center?

OA: I believe that those helping others often benefit as much as those being helped. I know I look forward to learning from these women who are demonstrating such courage and a commitment to overcome a kind of adversity most of us can’t begin to imagine.

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