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Looking for a totally cool stocking stuffer?  Meet the Valley guy behind the new time-telling must-have, Remix Watches.

Ryan Town just isn’t a school kind-of-guy; in fact, he says reading text books and sitting in class simply drives him crazy.  But that doesn’t mean he’s not a workaholic—Town has quite the entrepreneurial spirit.  At 18 years old, he started his own company, and just recently, he launched a hot must-have for the holidays:  Remix Watches. 

“Like any good remix, I took an old idea and gave it a new look. My inspiration definitely comes from other watch manufactures that have been making interchangeable and colorful watches since the 70's,” said Ryan Town, Remix CEO.

The 26-year Scottsdale guy has been living in the Valley more than five years, and says it’s the perfect place to be a savvy businessman.  His watches made their debut during Phoenix Fashion Week this past October, and since then, more than 3,000 have sold.  The unisex way to tell time is something both girls and guys will love—the Silicon Rubber LED accessories are stylish in shape and design. 

“We offer 11 different color faces and bands that are fully interchangeable, and there are over 100 different color combinations that one can make.”

In other words, your watch will match pretty much any outfit.

The bands and plastic faces are hypoallergenic, and the watch itself is extremely durable and light weight.  With a simple push of a button, the face flaunts the powerful LED light, in case you’re trying to tell time in the dark.  And the best part of all…they’re only $40.

“The response has even overwhelming. The idea worked; it's very humbling.”

Town is surely humbled by his success, but says he owes a lot to his talented team.  The Valley guy created quite the Remix entourage. 

“We have people who work well together and are all passionate about growing this idea.”

Currently, they can be purchased on www.remixwatches.com, but Town has high hopes for the future.

“We want to sell the watches at local retailers, so be on the look-out for Remix around town in 2012.”

It’s a totally chic stocking stuffer for this holiday season.  You’ll never run late again.

Find Remix on Facebook to stay up-to-date on new product rollouts, colors, and special discounts.

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