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2010-12-24 Santa Stuck in Chimney Cake 1

“Desserts with a sense of humor are also a strong trend.  In a climate like Phoenix, sugar cookies decorated to look like melting snowmen can bring a smile to your guests' faces.  This can also be translated into 3-D sculpted cakes, like one we made for a client showing Santa stuck in a chimney.”

Yep, you’ll want to leave that to the professionals!

However, if you’re wanting to get creative in the kitchen, Scutti and Starkey have some tips.  First, serve what you love.  For example, if you’re a milkshake fan, serve mini chocolate milkshakes with candy canes.  And of course, you can never go wrong with the traditional classic, comforting desserts like apple pie and cheesecake.  You can make them more festive with home-made whipped cream.

“Really, anything goes.  Just be sure to serve something that both you and your gusts will enjoy.  You can even serve a decadent cocktail instead of a conventional dessert.”

But keep in mind, presentation is key.  

The guys say you can easily place your desserts on a large platter accented with festive, shatterproof ornaments.  Or, get creative!  The cake-makers recently made cupcakes with sugar cones that were adorned to look like holiday trees.

And here’s food for thought.  Phoenix’s ABC Cake Decorating offers a great array of inexpensive holiday dessert swag; the cost is often less than 25 cents per piece.  They also carry a rainbow of colored, decorative sugar, and even edible glitter for a sparkly touch! 

“A simple, large sugar poinsettia bloom offset by sugar holly berries makes a fabulous festive statement.  Just be certain not to use any real plants that are poisonous.”

Unfortunately, Sugar Sugar Cake Studio is booked with orders for the remainder of 2011, but 2012 is around the corner.  Moral of this sweet story: secure the guys early to ensure the most fantastic desserts for the new year.

For more information, visit:  www.sugarsugarcakestudio.com


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