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My 7-year-old daughter woke me up the other morning screaming with joy that she had lost another tooth.  She went into the bathroom to see her new jack-o-lantern smile and returned with a second pulled tooth. Whoa. It was 6am and I was definitely not expecting to wake up this way. Although these two losses were a long time coming, it was a bit of a shocker. So in the mist of our family’s morning routine all she could talk about was the Tooth Fairy and what the Tooth Fairy was going to leave under her pillow. After all we’re talking about two teeth here, it MUST be something really special.



According to my research, i.e. asking the other moms at school, what the Tooth Fairy delivers in the middle of the night varies dramatically. It could be anywhere from one dollar to twenty bucks to even a new video game. Twenty dollars per tooth multiplied by twenty teeth and again by four kids is a little too steep for my single parent budget. No thank you. So what could the Tooth Fairy bring, or do rather that would be even more memorable for a child? Along with small amount of money under the pillow, here’s what I came up with:


Gold Plated Dollar Coins: Requires Pre-Planning but well Worth It!

When I was a little girl my Tooth Fairy always brought silver dollars, which made the whole experience really special. In fact, I still have mine stashed away somewhere at my parent’s home. Fast-forward 20 something years and the gold plated dollar coins are a great replacement and a little easier to find. Most banks do not keep these in stock, so definitely call ahead of time.