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         Former "child bride," Courtney Stodden - who threw the media into a storm in 2011 at the young age of 16 after marrying her 51-year-old acting coach Doug Hutchison - is brining that storm for a second whirlwind. The unorthodox couple continued to make headlines not only for their 35-year age difference, but for their open sexual life. As recent as this past November of 2013, the couple split ways due to Stodden’s wish for more and different sexual relations. Reported by Gawker, Stodden said "I'm not going to lie, but I'm a young girl who wants to experience sex of all kinds and he's an older man and he's slowing down a little bit. I just wanted more sex."

          Now, simply 3-years after their first marriage, the two are re-engaged. But keep in mind, that’s only 9-months after their splitting last November.

          Many questions arise with this oddball case. Since their divorce was only last November 2013, what are the legal worries that arise with any couple approaching their second marriage so soon? What are the legal worries with Stodden still being so young, now 19 year-old, and venturing into her second marriage with the same person who is so much older than she?

           We touched base with Kelly Mendoza, Family Law Attorney of the Family Law Department at Rose Law Group, and asked her to weigh in on this off-the-wall age-gap case.

          “Except perhaps the termination of any alimony she may have been awarded, legally speaking there are not any direct and immediate general consequences of their remarriage or of her age.  Obviously there may be some specific consequences based upon a premarital agreement from the first marriage and any property division in the first divorce would still be valid.  However, given the reason she gave for the initial divorce being a lack of sex from him, my first question would be do they have a premarital agreement for this second marriage and if so does it allow for her to sow more of her wild oats upon reaching drinking age; is there a provision requiring sex from the Husband or the use of the little blue pill? Also what does she get when she ages out of her teens if he decides she is now too old for him? The best thing to do in a case like this is preplanning to cover as many possible future issues as you can and address those upfront – that should be the goal.”

Kelly Mendoza, Family Law Attorney, Rose Law Group.

Reach Kelly at KMendoza@roselawgroup.com or 480-240-5644. 

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