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Since it was announced on People.com May 15 that country singer Randy Houser and his wife Jessa Lee Yantz have decided to end their marriage, it's safe to say the couple is in the midst of their own negotiations and disagreements. Even so, things were kicked up a notch May 16 when Houser filed a restraining order against Yantz to keep her from joining him on his vacation in the Bahamas.
According to TMZ, Houser wants the house entirely to himself for the duration of the trip, with Yantz nowhere near. Yantz argues that she has a right to go without him for at least a part of the time, as she and friends have already made travel arrangements.
We asked Kaine Fisher, local attorney and Chairman of the Family Law Department at Rose Law Group, to weigh in on the vacation conundrum, and share thoughts on this couple's separation saga.
"Randy may be in desperate need for a break from his soon-to-be significant other, however, the reality is the trip was paid for and booked before he filed for divorce, meaning – community funds were used to pay for the trip and Ms. Yantz has just as much right to enjoy the fruits of the community’s labor as he does. That said, it’s unlikely a judge is going force Randy to spend a couple weeks tip toeing around his ex.   In the event the court does award him exclusive use of the vacation rental during his stay, it will likely order him to reimburse Ms. Yantz for half of the funds used to book the trip.  Randy would be better off taking the money he would spend on attorney’s fighting this issue and booking a new undisclosed vacation spot, free from his clingy ex and her pack of ladies."
Houser and Yantz have been married since 2011 and have a two year-old son together. "I can confirm Randy Houser and Jessa Lee Yantz are getting a divorce," his rep told People in a statement. "They are appreciative of the media's sensitivity toward their request for privacy during this time." 
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