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Divorce doesn’t have to be a war. A mindful and healthy divorce is possible.

Parents who practice mindfulness during their divorce experience less fighting, lower stress, and more beneficial divorce agreements. Most importantly, a mindful approach better protects children from psychological harm and creates healthier co-parenting relationships.

Our experience helping spouses through divorce mediation—a process where a neutral mediator helps spouses reach agreements out of court—provides unique insight into how parents attain the most favorable outcomes. Mindfulness, rather than a combative mindset, allows parents to be thoughtful, strategic, and remain in control of their future. Even when conflict is high and mistrust runs deep, spouses are capable of being mindful.

True — divorcing mindfully is easier said than done. Being “in the moment” can be very painful. Self-awareness is often overcome by feelings of anger, sadness and fear. Parents can become so overwhelmed that they lose sight of who they are, what they need, and even what is best for their children.

Our “Mindful Approach to Divorce” may help guide you toward a better outcome.

1 | Take a seat at the mediation table. Your divorce environment can be calm, respectful, and supported. Choosing divorce mediation allows you to avoid the emotional turmoil that litigation in court causes, and allows you to focus on what is important to you.

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