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Authors of “ThyroZone: Real Thyroid Solutions for Better Health and Better Living,” The Hormone Zone’s Drs. Cristina Bosch and John A. Robinson, a k a the Sex Docs, invite you to get serious about thyroid disease, a complex ailment that traditionally isn’t viewed—or treated—as such.  

Who knew an itty bitty neck gland could pack so much power? With symptoms that range from weight gain to muscle joint pain, loss of libido to skin changes, thyroid disease can wreak havoc on virtually every part of the body. “All of these symptoms end up meaning something very specific for each patient,” says Dr. John A. Robinson. “But for most, patients feel lost, confused, physically and mentally out of control, unheard by their conventional doctors and, generally, scared. But there is hope because there are answers and strategies that can help.”

Even with such a wide variety of symptoms, many don’t understand how challenging the disease can be for patients. There is an overall typical mismanagement of the disease, says Dr. Robinson, with professionals in many conventional medical settings simply throwing a pill at it.

Dr. Robinson, along with Dr. Cristina Bosch, decided to tackle the often-misunderstood disease with the release of “ThyroZone: Real Thyroid Solutions for Better Health and Better Living” and the development of their ThyroZone system. “We know that thyroid disease is an epidemic and that it deserves full and comprehensive medical attention with the goal to truly help the patient be optimized,” says Dr. Bosch. “We developed our system and wrote this book to share with as many people as possible that healing for their thyroid is always an option.”

The Hormone Zone’s ThyroZone provides patients with real solutions to the issues related to thyroid disease, particularly hypothyroidism (low thyroid). With this program, the doctors address two key problems with most conventional thyroid treatment, which are patients taking the wrong type of thyroid hormone for them and not receiving a thyroid hormone dose large enough to substantially increase their metabolism to help with their symptoms. The Hormone Zone is able to view lab work and measure metabolic rate to best diagnose and treat patients, mostly with natural thyroid hormone prescription medications.

Plus, Drs. Robinson and Bosch analyze other factors like food allergies, nutritional deficiencies and insulin and adrenal health to ensure patients are on the path the thyroid wellness. “Seek out the answers and never settle with your health,” says Dr. Robinson. “We never settle so neither should you.”

The path to thyroid disease prevention:

  • Get early testing.
  • Eat whole foods and make sure you get plenty of iodine and selenium. 
  • Go to a doctor that is prevention-based in their approach.
  • Consider early treatment for other things that could lead to thyroid disease, like menopause in women or low testosterone in men.

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