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Photo by Maël Renault on Unsplash

If there is a disease that haunts millions of women, it is the fear of breast cancer. This diagnosis seems to be touching every family these days. There are many reasons for breast cancer, which cannot be blamed on genetics in the vast majority of women because we are not genetically programmed to develop cancer. In fact, new research is pointing to an easy and free way to decrease your risk.

The Power of the Sun

For millions of years, our ancestors went to sleep with the sundown and awoke with the sunrise. They also spent the day naked from morning until dusk out in the sunshine.

Sunshine does many things that science is just starting to understand. Everyone knows vitamin D is formed in the skin after sun exposure. Now, researchers have found that high levels of vitamin D equals a lower risk of breast cancer. In fact, a 2017 study demonstrated an 800 percent higher risk of breast cancer in women with the lowest levels of vitamin D. (1)

If you already have breast cancer, higher vitamin D means a longer survival. (2)

Crank Up your Vitamin D

There are a few ways to increase your vitamin D levels. But first, get your level checked. The best lab test for vitamin D is by blood and it is called 25 hydroxy-vitamin D. Ask your doctor about getting testing done.

Three ways to increase vitamin D include:

  • Full body sunshine is key. Sunburns are bad, but sunshine is good. Start with getting morning sun. In the morning, UVA and UVB levels are low, but the other energies from the sun are high and can protect you from the dangers of UVA and UVB from noontime exposure. UVA and UVB have a purpose and that is why our bodies are designed to accept those energies and make vitamin D from them.

The key is getting sun in the morning, noon, and early evening. Ten to fifteen minutes per session is recommended.

  • Eggs, fish, and meat all contain vitamin D. Mushrooms also contain a form of vitamin D. Make sure your meat and eggs come from pasture-raised animals and your seafood is wild. It is also imperative that the mushrooms are organic.
  • Vitamin D supplements are only recommended for those who can’t get enough sun. Usually 5000 IU per day can get your 25 hydroxy-vitamin D levels above 50. You should also take quality multivitamin and extra vitamin K2. K2 keeps calcium in the bones and out of the arteries.

Don’t be afraid of the sun. The sun was here before us and we are built to harness its power. If you want to use sunscreen during prolonged exposure, choose an organic options without harmful ingredients.

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