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Love it, hate it, either way: Valentine’s Day is coming. Feeling apathetic about a day of sugar-coated romance? You’re not alone. The Sex Docs, a k a Drs. Cristina Bosch and John Robinson, can help you feel sexy every day of the year.

Lately, it seems like everyone’s falling out of love with Valentine’s Day. It’s not just stupid cupid; apathy can strike us when and where we least expect it, from the office to the bedroom. Apathy is the enemy of your libido and your lust for life, and the Sex Docs have lasting solutions. No sappy greeting cards, no chalky conversation hearts and no excuses; just results.

You Can Outsmart Stress

Chronic stress commonly leads to a prolonged suppression of sex hormones, and worrying about the perfect gift or dinner reservations doesn’t help. Getting creative with your physical intimacy can be just what your relationship needs. Activities as simple as holding hands with your partner or taking a yoga class can help boost your mood and clear your mind. Creativity triggers the meditative part of your brain and helps you focus on what you really desire. Start with one creative way to celebrate your body. Have your partner do the same, then look into each other’s eyes and share exactly what you want. After all, a sweaty session in bed can release feel-good hormones that change your brain’s chemical environment for the better.

Age is Just a Number

If one glance at the Kama Sutra has you thinking of your old back injury flaring up, think again: you can restore and repair your body naturally with hormone and peptide therapies. While sex hormones do decline as we mature, our hormones are not supposed to disappear completely. Think of it this way: you feel thirsty when you’re dehydrated, but you wouldn’t take that as a sign to stop drinking water. The Sex Docs can help you raise a glass to the good life. Try preparing a mug of rich, dark hot chocolate to stir in thymosin peptides for a sensual treat. Peptide therapy naturally stimulates your human growth hormone—known for anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties—and revs up your libido. After the peptides kick in, you can take it from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Live Without Limits 

By discovering your body’s unique needs, you can restore yourself physiologically and emotionally to feel like your sexiest self. Hormone Replacement Therapy enhances a patient’s quality of life, from complexion to bone strength to flexibility. Dr. Robinson is one of the most highly-trained physicians using subcutaneous hormone pellet therapy. 

Together, the Sex Docs have more than 22 years of combined experience treating patients and transforming their lives with subcutaneous hormone pellet therapy and other cutting-edge, results-driven treatments. It’s all part of the comprehensive approach offered at the Hormone Zone. Want to learn more? Make a date with the Sex Docs. 

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