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Modern Acupuncture opened its doors on Wednesday, Feb. 1, bringing relaxation, pain relief and healing to the Valley. D.C. Chief Clinical Officer Stephen Gubernick explains “80 percent of the dollars spent on health today are from what are considered lifestyle diseases which derive from a constantly running stress system.” Acupuncture is proven effective in relaxing the mind and the body.  

Upon entering the clinic conveniently located in Scottsdale, one will be asked to read a short description about what acupuncture is and what they can expect during the process. The participant will then fill out a questionnaire about which different areas of the body they need work on. Guests may rate on a scale of one to ten where they are experiencing pain, stress or other physical ailments. After filling out the assessment the highly trained acupuncturists will review the paperwork and decide the best treatment plan for the individual and discuss what to work on during the session. Modern Acupuncture offers an essential acupuncture session with a focus on relaxation or a cosmetic acupuncture session which focuses on fine lines and wrinkles by “stimulating collagen production,” Gubernick says. 

After finishing the paperwork, guests can then watch videos explaining acupuncture further before they go into a beautifully designed relaxation room referred to as the Zen Den. Once in the Zen Den, a guest can recline on heated massage chairs and relax as the acupuncturist places needles as thin as a strand of hair in specific points of the body based on where in the body the client needs work. Before placing the needles the acupuncturist will discuss with the guest what they would like in their session.


Zen Den 2

The guest can then close their eyes or they can watch scenic photography images displayed on a television for 20 to 30 minutes all the while being soothed with relaxation music. When the session has come to an end, the acupuncturist will painlessly remove the needles. Before leaving, the guest will be offered a complimentary hot tea.

CEO of Modern Acupuncture Matt Hale has worked in the franchising industry for 16 years and has worked on franchising this venture starting six months ago. Gubernick has a background as a chiropractor for seven years and became more involved in the acupuncture industry when he saw how much it aided his patients. “When we started adding acupuncture they started to really change and that is what sparked me to look more into it then I think most people realize as far as the power of how well it works.” Combined, the two have eight to 10 years of experience working in the health industry.

When asked about how the healing process of acupuncture, Gubernick says, “the mechanism is about increasing blood flow and nutrients to the tissue.” There is a healing process which takes place in the body when a needle is placed in the skin it creates a signal to the brain to heal the area.

In addition, acupuncture can also help those with stress and anxiety. With scientific backing, Gubernick explains how acupuncture can take someone’s brain from a sympathetic fight mode to a parasympathetic relaxation mode. “Acupuncture is very powerful at calming the brain’s stress system and activating the brains rest and digest system. There are two parts to the nervous system the fight or flight stress system and then your rest digest system which is called your parasympathetic system.” Gubernick says, “Acupuncture is extremely effective at calming the stress or sympathetic system while activating the rest or parasympathetic system.” Because of this, “acupuncture is now being used in the military after combat,” Hale says.


Zen Den


Acupuncture can benefit those with a wide range of physical conditions ranging from “high blood pressure, nausea, diabetes, headaches, emotional and physical stress and arthritis”. There are other benefits as well including “sleep, reduced pain, digestion, stress and relaxation.” In order to receive the best treatment results it is highly encouraged that guests follow their specific treatment plan and come in for their recommended visits. “Through routine care which is sometimes twice a week or three times a week we look for a starting window and from there we expect it to grow,” Gubernick says.

Reconstructing the acupuncture industry, Modern Acupuncture offers a convenient location in a shopping center with walk-in appointments available. Hale says, “We are in modern shopping centers the look and décor is like nothing else you will find at any other acupuncture clinic and fundamentally how we are delivering it.” In addition all of the acupuncturists are highly trained with master’s degrees in Chinese Medicine and additional training in acupuncture from renowned acupuncturist Bob Doane. “Those all come down to being affordable, approachable and convenient,” Hale says.

Modern Acupuncture has just opened in Scottsdale with the mission to make your life better. They are located at 15035 N. Thompson Peak Pkwy, Ste E105 and are open seven days a week. Prices vary by treatment plan with the first initial visit priced between $29-$49.