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An initial weight-loss goal may seem daunting going into the year, but Dr. Anné says that it’s important to look at the small, yet significant, steps that you make along the way. By doing this instead of looking forward at how far you have yet to go, it’s much easier to put your progress in perspective.  

“It’s so important to celebrate your efforts and to look at all of the changes that you’ve made, not just the number on the scale,” Dr. Anné says.  

Another factor that can help simplify the weight-loss process is finding the underlying emotional factors that are causing one to overeat, and by working on those factors, it’s easier to reach long-term success. Dr. Anné says that we have to stop looking at short-term dieting as something believed to make us successful in working toward weight-loss goals.

Dr. Anné says that it is hard to reach any health goals in isolation; it’s important to connect with supportive others who are not only helpful, but really encouraging. Day in and day out working toward health and fitness goals, it can be easy to fall backwards when you get discouraged. That is why it’s important to have someone to reach out to, share mutual goals, and celebrate accomplishments with along the way.

Above all, when starting to work toward any kind of health or fitness goal, Dr. Anné says to remind yourself of your positive internal qualities every day. One should approach weight loss with loving support of themself, and not just conditional love, meaning acceptance only if you lose your desired amount of weight.

“Celebrate your internal qualities, not just focus on the things you want to change on the outside part of yourself,” Dr. Anné says.

Physical health begins with being healthy on the inside. Dr. Anné says that we have to work from the inside out, and approach weight loss for the right reasons—health and self-love—not conditionality and self-acceptance.

In the New Year, just don’t give up on yourself, Dr. Anné says. If you failed in the past, it may have been just the wrong technique for your personal goals. You may need to go into 2016 with a new mentality and a new approach to achieve success in your new goals.