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John C. Lincoln’s Specialists in Natural Medicine offer health care alternatives with a holistic approach using natural remedies, acupuncture and oriental medicine. At the core of these ancient medical practices is the philosophy of Qi (pronounced chee), or life energy that flows throughout the body in pathways called meridians. Qi gives the body life, protects us from illness, pain and disease.

Each individual’s health is influenced by the quality, quantity and harmonious balance of Qi in the meridians. At Specialists in Natural Medicine, we offer several services to balance Qi that is specially tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

Free Acupuncture Seminar: Join Julia A. Eastman, L.Ac., DOM, CCH, of John C. Lincoln’s Specialists in Nature Medicine as she discusses how acupuncture works and what conditions can be treated from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at Cowden Center, 9202 N. Second St., Phoenix, on the campus of John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital. All attendees will receive a free acugraph that will analyze your personal energetic status of acupuncture meridians. RSVP via e-mail to RSVP@JCL.com or call 623-434-6265 by March 15. Limited space available. Learn more at JCL.com/practices.




What is Classical Homeopathy?

Classical homeopathy is a medical specialty which uses micro-doses of natural substances (remedies) prescribed to a patient to stimulate the body’s healing response to bring about a cure/healing. Classical homeopathy can be used to treat allergies, diabetes, chronic ear infections, migraines, hormone imbalances, attention deficit disorder, anxiety, among other things. It is based on three tenets: the prescription of a single remedy based on the totality of a person’s symptoms, the prescription of a remedy based on clinical experiments called provings, which show the symptoms a substance can cause in overdose and can cure in micro-dose, and the use of a minimum dose of medicine to elicit a curative response.

A Classical Homeopathic physician regards symptoms as a healthy reaction of the body’s defense mechanism to harmful forces. Standard medicine regards symptoms as signs of disease to be fought or suppressed. Homeopaths believe that all parts of the body are interdependent and treatments are based on the uniqueness of the person, not solely on the condition. In short, they treat people, not diseases.

Homeopathy works by helping the body’s defense system to achieve balance and better health. It works on focusing on the body’s response to illness, not the illness itself. Homeopathy provides a greater sense of well-being, energy and resistance to illness.


What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an effective form of medical treatment that has evolved into a complete holistic health care system. This Chinese medical approach is a non-invasive treatment method to help people become well and stay well.

Acupuncture promotes natural healing. It can enhance recuperative power and immunity, supports physical and emotional health, and improves overall function and well-being. It is a safe, painless and drug-free alternative to treat a wide variety of medical problems.

When visiting an acupuncturist, a full exam and health history is taken through a series of health, symptom and lifestyle questions. Once the information is gathered, the practitioner diagnoses the patient’s specific imbalances in the body that have contributed to health issues that are present. Once the imbalances are detected, an acupuncturist will place fine, sterile needles at specific acupoints along the meridian pathways. This safe and painless insertion of the needles can unblock the obstruction and balance Qi. Once the Qi can freely circulate throughout the body and provide adequate nourishment to cells, organs, glands, tissues and muscles, the body can begin to eliminate the pain and restore balance to the health issues present.

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Meet Julia A. Eastman, L.Ac., DOM, CCH

Julia A. Eastman is an Arizona Licensed Acupuncturist, a Florida State Doctor of Oriental medicine, and a nationally board-certified Classical Homeopath. (To date, there are only 325 board-certified classical homeopaths in America.)

Dr. Eastman is a functional medicine health care provider, addressing the underlying causes of diseases using integrative care approaches. She spends time with her patients, documenting their family history and developing individualized health plans based on each patient’s needs. She believes that functional medicine is the least invasive, most effective medicine in the world today. Dr. Eastman’s goal is to focus on restoring one’s health and balancing the body, mind and spirit.


You can schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Eastman by calling 602-264-7630. Dr. Eastman offers a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss ones individual health challenges and best course of treatment.

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