Home Features Health Squash That End of Summer Slide With These Healthy Tips


Summer is soon coming to a close. Children will go back to school, college students will make their way back to dorms, and the relaxed pace of the hot summer months will be replaced with the busy hustle of the fall. Sadly, this means that many healthy habits start to take a back seat. Exercise gets replaced with errands, the days get shorter, and food changes from fresh summer produce to fall and winter comfort foods. While it’ll still be hot here in Arizona, cooler days are coming. Here’s how you can take advantage of the coming months to work on your health goals without losing the progress you made over the summer.

Get More Sleep

Shorter days means more darkness at night. This leads to more opportunities for sleep. A good night’s sleep is essential for health. It allows your body to repair itself, helps release hormones that aid you in fat burning, and gives you the energy you need. Sleep is critical. A healthy immune system functions best on good sleep.


Laying around at the pool all-day during the summer is fun and relaxing. For some reason, many people stop doing things that relax them come fall. They fall into different habits and end up overwhelmed and overbooked. Better health requires taking time to relax. So, whether you read a book, watch a movie, or soak up some extra sun by the pool, make sure you prioritize relaxation.


Want better health when summer comes to a close? Make time to exercise. We know you can slip in a 15-minute walk sometime during the day. It gets even easier when you wear the right shoes. A pair of women’s slip on sneakers makes it possible to get up and move no matter where you are. Plan to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. It can be as simple as a walk during your work breaks or as vigorous as a bootcamp at your local gym.

Plan Your Meals

Too many people don’t plan their meals and end up either in the take-out line at the local McDonald’s or looking for something fast to cook at the grocery store. Not only can these habits bust your food budget, it’s also likely to bust your waist too. By planning your meals in advance, you are more likely to cook when you get home, pop something in the Instapot, or get it ready early enough that you’ll have no excuse but to eat it.  Planned meals mean you’re more likely to eat nourishing foods instead of ones devoid of nutrients.

Friend Dates

Men need time with the guys and ladies need time to decompress with their friends as well. Take the time to plan friend dates with the people you enjoy being around most. Plan a friendly card game, watch your favorite sport, or go out to dinner and drinks. Spending time with friends give people better mental health which improves overall physical health.

Drink More Water

Scorching hot Arizona days should be winding down soon-ish. You’ll be left with normal hot days, but that doesn’t mean you should back off on your water intake. Water consumption tends to go down when people get busier. Pay attention to how much you drink each day. One way to gauge how much you drink is to keep a 1-liter water bottle with you at all times. Try and drink through the first liter before lunch and get in two more by dinner. If you spend more time outdoors sweating, you might need more than 3 liters to stay healthy and hydrated.

Eat Probiotics

A healthy gut is worth its weight in gold. Not only can it help you fight off sickness, a healthy gut biome aids in proper digestion. It improves how you feel, your mood, weight loss success, and even your sleep. Think about the last time your stomach was upset. Did it make you feel happy or miserable? You can easily get in more probiotic foods from fermented vegetables like sauerkraut, cultured yogurt, and even a tasty kombucha drink. These are just some of the foods you can eat to replenish your gut with helpful bacteria.