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Suds2Go, the first dual-purpose water bottle that allows you to both hydrate and wash your hands on the go. Its patented design includes a reusable container you can refill with your favorite foaming soap, a pump, and separate valves for drinking and rinsing to avoid contamination.

Suds2Go was founded by Arizona native and ASU alumni Gabe Trevizo, father of four young kids, who came up with the breakthrough idea during a, particularly bad flu season. After receiving a patent for the bottle, he and his wife launched Suds2Go.

Check it out online: https://www.mysuds2go.com/

Suds2Go Dual Purpose Water Bottles each color

Key Features for Suds2Go-Dual Purpose Water Bottle

  • 25oz stainless steel bottle
  • BPA-free plastic spout for drinking 
  • Restrictive-flow valve for rinsing hands
  • Latch for hook attachment
  • Refillable foaming soap pump head provides 65-75 pumps
  • Comes in three colors

Retail Price: 

  • $36.99