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As not all CBD products are created equal and packaging can sometimes be vague and confusing, it’s important to get come clarity on CBD products and their uses before making a purchase. It’s also a good idea to determine what the product is intended to be used for, as the application can be for various uses, and understand proper dosing.

Be in the Know

Education about CBD (including the fact that pure CBD does not create a mental “high”) and information about dosing is key for the general public. CBD companies should be transparent about where the products is from and what ingredients are included in each product. Consumers should be able to identify where the products are coming from. They should also only buy USA-grown CBD products and verify that the CBD actually came from a certified organic hemp farm in the U.S. to ensure quality. CBD companies should be able to provide a letter from the Department of Agriculture to prove this, and consumers can also ask for recent certificates of analysis. Keep in mind that packaging can sometimes be misleading in terms of what is included and as well as the dosing. Patients using CBD should start with small dosing first as CBD products vary in purity and potency.

Don’t Leave it in the Car

Much like taking proper care of prescription medication, CBD products should be treated with care to ensure longevity and effectiveness. For example, CBD products and medications should never be kept in a car. This is because temperatures exceeding 120 degrees (which can easily occur inside a car during an Arizona summer) can interfere with the product’s integrity.

Don’t Bake it

For this same reason — and unlike medical marijuana, which users sometimes make into brownies or cookies — there is no need to bake CBD products into food. However, it can certainly be added to tinctures, cocktails, mocktails and more.

Read the Labels

Speaking of tinctures, some pre-made CBD tinctures may include “carrier liquids” so users should take care to determine what those are and identify all ingredients included on the label prior to purchase. High-quality, pure isolate is the best by far in this scenario.

CBD Should be Taken with a Fat

CBD users have reported symptom relief of a variety of illnesses, pain and more such as fibromyalgia, Crone’s disease, ADHD, anxiety, degenerative joint disorder, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. When using it for this purpose, CBD should be taken with a fat to allow the products to bind and process to achieve the best results.

CBD products have exploded across the market as of late and their popularity is growing. While their uses are beneficial for many, users should take caution when purchasing to ensure they are getting exactly what they want and need — a pure, high-quality CBD. --Martin Dominguez, founder of Melon Cloud CBD