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Cue the candlelight. All the heart eyes for The Hormone Zone’s Drs. Cristina Bosch and John A. Robinson, a k a The Sex Docs, as they discuss five tips to making this Valentine’s Day the most romantic yet.

Have sex nightly for a month, no matter what.

In Behavioral Endocrinology, the study of how hormones affect our social interactions and behaviors, we know that it is the very act of sex that helps to create arousal and enhanced libido. For many Hormone Zone patients, they stopped “using it,” so they “lost it.” Once you start having intercourse and simply bond with your partner sexually and intimately, then libido and desire will be enhanced.

Guys, why not become a Sensual Sensei?

If you want to increase the intensity of your orgasms, increase erection firmness and become a Sensual Sensei in the bedroom, consider holding your ejaculation. No, this does not mean not having sex. This means have sex—just don’t ejaculate. In fact, the more you engage in the sexual act, the more intense the inevitable ejaculation will be and the more aroused you and your partner will become. Here’s how you do it: Take your age and divide by five. This will give you the number of days you should go before you ejaculate. For example, a 40-year-old man should have an ejaculation every eight days. Even holding back one time can be extremely exciting and have you super eager to get back into the bedroom.

Read a book on Tantra.

Tantra is an ancient sexual practice that incorporates body, mind and soul into the bedroom and into your relationship. One of the foremost authorities on Tantra and Taoist sex is Mantak Chia. Check out “The Multi-Orgasmic Woman,” “The Multi-Orgasmic Man” and “The Multi-Orgasmic Couple.” This practical guide to an ancient and simple practice helps you to understand your own sexuality and that of your partner and lets you really steam up the bedroom.

Get involved in your sexuality, instead of just sex.

Focus on the needs, wants and desires of your partner and be honest about your needs. Sexuality comes through your openness about yourself, your sense of self and your self-confidence. There is nothing more sexual than that. It is what creates a dynamic interplay of intensity and attraction for your partner. People get bored in the bedroom because they have a limited view of what sexuality and sex is all about. If you believe that great sex is only about how hard and fast you can do it, then you are missing out on the multiple layers of fun that can develop in any good relationship. 

It always comes back to diet and exercise, right?

The foundation to helping any health problem is to start with diet and exercise, especially for sex. We should eat for enjoyment and for performance. The enjoyment should be about the variety and sensuality of various foods. Explore various whole foods like you would explore your partner’s body. Regarding exercise, just do it. Get moving. Make it part of your lifestyle. Poor cardiovascular conditioning and functioning is one of the key reasons people have difficulty with sex. Often, they just get tired physically, and they can’t maintain optimal positioning. And if we have poor circulation, men can have difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection. Pro tip: Next time you have sex, commit to performing at least three new or different positions with one of them being a standing position. You will really get the blood moving and burn some calories. It’s a win win!

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