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In his never-ending quest to improve patient outcomes, minimize downtime, and speed up recovery following aesthetic breast augmentation, Dr. Steven Sigalove, a breast augmentation surgeon in Scottsdale, has developed a new and exciting technique which he is bringing to Scottsdale Center for Plastic Surgery. After pioneering and publishing a minimally invasive muscle sparing technique for breast reconstruction for women who have undergone mastectomies to treat breast cancer, Dr. Sigalove now offers his prepectoral technique to his aesthetic breast augmentation patients who desire beautiful and stable cosmetic outcomes with minimal downtime and quick recoveries.

For women who desire to return to working, exercising and working out within one to two weeks following their operation, subfascial breast augmentation can be a fantastic option for the appropriately selected patient. By creating a pocket between the pectoralis major muscle fascia and the breast tissue, Dr. Sigalove eliminates the need to elevate the muscle. This creates an operation that has little postoperative pain and swelling, and as such, most patients are able to go home on oral anti-inflammatory medications (Motrin, Aleve, Ibuprofen) or plain Tylenol, unlike submuscular or the classic dual-plane breast augmentation, which generally requires a short period of prescription pain medications and a somewhat longer period off of exercise.

The key to success in this procedure is proper patient selection based on anatomy as well as the fact that Dr. Sigalove stabilizes the pocket with a piece of resorbable mesh which allows him to safely place the implant on top of the muscle. This mesh not only minimizes risks of implant migration and bottoming out, but it also minimizes rippling and maximizes the aesthetic outcome by ensuring a beautifully shaped breast. 

Subfascial breast augmentation is great for patients who exercise regularly, do yoga, pilates or lift weights/perform body building and wish to return to their regular routines early following their operation. This technique also allows for beautiful postoperative cleavage, which is not always the case in standard over-the-muscle breast augmentation. Patients who undergo subfascial breast augmentation also do not acquire hyperanimation, which is a possible downside of sub-muscular augmentation in patients with strong pectoralis muscles.

If speedy recovery, return to working out and work within days following your breast augmentation surgery sound appealing to you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sigalove at Scottsdale Center for Plastic Surgery to find out if you are a candidate for this new and exciting technique.