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“A crowd favorite” basically sums up celebrity hairstylist, Sarah Potempa and her latest dynamic invention, The Beachwaver Co. The Beachwaver is the first-ever rotating curling iron to give you those longingly sought-after perfect beach waves. Potempa, who is most commonly known for styling perfectly placed tresses on the covers of magazines, movie premieres and ad campaigns, knows how difficult it is to accomplish that perfect beach wave. After drafting her sisters and a team of engineers, she has created something that seems like it is from the hands of our fairy godmothers themselves. This tool will give every woman (or fashionable man) the opportunity to beachify their hair in minutes. Bring the coast to the Valley this spring and summer and check out the award-winning Beachwaver along with the hottest and totally doable hairstyles and trends. Potempa gave us in the inside scoop below.