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Mandy Tripoli, Director of Community-Engaged Practice at Mesa Arts Center           

In Tripoli’s six years at Mesa Arts Center, she has impacted thousands of students, teachers, and community members and has created a community that comes together to celebrate arts and culture.

Age: 38


I have chosen to make the arts my career because I fell in love with art history and the stories artists tell through their mediums.

I am most proud that my profession allows me the opportunity to impact the city I grew up in—Mesa. 

Creating authentic connections between artists and community is the most rewarding part of what I do, while managing our engagement capacity is the most challenging.

I give back to the community by volunteering, and feel my greatest contribution to date was playing a part in the founding of Mesa Urban Garden.

My greatest advice to share with young girls is to embrace your voice.

My hope for the future of Arizona is that we cultivate a culture that celebrates all its diversity.