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The new Microsoft store makes shopping easy and learning even easier.


The first-ever Microsoft Store opened Thursday, Oct. 22 at Scottsdale Fashion Square. The grand opening coincided with the release of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 7. The celebration drew hundreds of eager shoppers (some Microsoft fans even spent the night in line). The first 1,000 guests received a bag of gifts, including tickets to an Ashley Tisdale concert.

Besides offering the best of the best computers, games and techy gadgets in the retail dept of this large contemporary showroom on Scottsdale Fashion Square’s second floor, the store is aimed at providing its customers the finest service available. It offers a variety of free classes for Microsoft owners who may need or want a little extra help. Some of the many classes offered include Getting to Know Windows 7, Safe and Sound: PC Safety and Maintenance, Editing and Sharing Photos with Windows, Getting to Know Windows Phone, Designing Effective Presentations, Manage Data with Ease, Zune HD: Music and Magic, Windows Live Essentials: You, Online and Creating Professional Documents Effortlessly. The classes change monthly, and a complete schedule is available in the store or on the website below.


The Personal Training sessions are another great service-oriented feature. These one-on-one classes allow the customer the opportunity to learn about different software, digital accessories and more at the customer’s own pace in a relaxed and casual setting. The cost is $49 for one hour or just $149 for one year (a one-hour session per week). The year membership is a great gift for someone interested in learning more about what their PC can do for them.

A unique characteristic about the Microsoft Store, which makes buying a computer so much easier than before, is the organization and presentation of the computers. They are arranged by size and type, not by brand or price. Instead of looking around the entire store for the smallest laptop, a customer can just go to the laptop section. This makes shopping for the perfect computer an extremely simple, no-hassle situation. And of course the retail experts here can help as much or as little as a buyer needs. Another feature of the Store is the Microsoft Signature. Every PC purchased from the Microsoft Store is enhanced for optimal performance, free of charge. Store techs will also set up user accounts, install purchased software or hardware, personalize the desktop and screensaver and add favorite websites to Internet Explorer. Basically, when a new buyer leaves the store, their computer will be ready to plug and play - No frustration required.

The Microsoft Store is open 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday. For more information, visit www.microsoftstore.com/Scottsdale or call 480.308.0800.