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Realty Executives Phoenix provides answers on which parts of the Valley are selling best, have the highest value, and how the future market is shaping up.

Litchfield Park

In these financially tight times, everyone has some concern over the state of the housing market. It can be intimidating trying to understand where to buy and when for the best price. Locations seemingly close to each other can have vastly different ambiences. With the help of Realty Executives Phoenix, one of the largest realty brokerages in the United States, helps those sifting their way through the market to better understand what they are up against. Five of the most popular locations in the Valley have been selected for investigation, each one examined by the head Realty Executives Phoenix agent for the area. They provide us with an inside look at how each division is looking along with how to be most successful in that particular market area.


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Paradise Valley:

  • Median sales prices up 43.8 percent*
  • Average days on market 96, which is 15.8 percent faster than last year*

For those with homes in the Paradise Valley area, homes have sold faster this past year but on average take more time to sell than a majority of other areas. The median sell price for this particular neighborhood has grown more than 43 percent in the past 12 months, bringing the amount to a staggering $1,500,000. Paradise Valley is seen as a luxury market so buyers should expect higher asking prices while sellers must anticipate financially conscious clients capable of looking elsewhere. Jan Ross, a Realty Executive Phoenix agent, warns, “Luxury buyers often have the option of building a custom home for a similar price. Be sure you price and compete for buyers accordingly.”