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Though Christmas time is a wonderful time of the year, full of holiday spirit and cheer, but for some, this time of year can be just another harsh reminder or inability to make do. It's so much easier to focus on we don't have, but incredible organizations such as Esperanca remind us what truly matters and how fortunate most of us are. 


Esperanca, a local global health nonprofit, provides volunteer surgical missions, home building, clean water projects, dental treatment and prevention programs ,just to name a few of the great services. The essence, or so to speak mission of Esperanca is to “'build clean, sustainable and healthy communities worldwide.”'


Looking to make holidays extra special for Valley families, for 10 years, consecutively, the Esperanca’s Christmas Angel Program has given the gift of Christmas to low-income families. Some say that the greatest feeling is waking up to a Christmas gift under the tree, and Esperanca's Christmas Angel Program makes sure that each family and child is able to experience this. 


"Unemployment rates are still high and we know many Valley families don't have enough food to eat, clothes to keep them warm or basic necessities," says Tom Egan, President and CEO of Esperanca. 


Through the simple process of receiving a "wish list" from a Valley family that they are selected to, sponsors are given a to choice to either purchase new gifts or make a donation (s) and Esperanca's staff will do the shopping for the family. Sponsors will quickly be matched on Nov. 16; gifts will be collected during the first week of December;, and gifts will be distributed to families on Dec. 14. 


More sponsors are needed to keep this program running and giving maintain the gift of giving. Sponsors of the past have included clubs, churches, professional organizations, and even companies. If you're looking for a holiday work idea or something that directly provides positive change, this is a great program to support. 


The biggest component of such a program is, well, you. Without you, none of this is possible. For more information or to hopefully become a sponsor, contact Maria Valenzuela; maria@esperanca.org or 602.252.7772 and to learn more about Esperanca: http://www.wetransformlives.org