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Best Matchmaker

Simona Fusco

At the age of 8, a prominent modeling agency discovered Simona Fusco in Vienna, Austria, and she quickly became their top international model for their two biggest clients, Benetton and Lacoste. At that moment, a spark was ignited in Fusco, which has made her the self-made, award-winning entrepreneur that she is today. Fusco’s mother quickly realized that Austria was limited in what it had to offer her daughter so shortly thereafter, at 14, Fusco and her mother relocated to Los Angeles, where the entertainment world quickly discovered her beauty, talent and natural-born charisma. In a span of less than 10 years, Fusco starred in more than 30 television shows and movies. During her time as a Hollywood actress, Fusco noticed that many people she came in contact with were missing the most vital part of life: love. And she set out to do something about it. About 10 years ago, the business-savvy Fusco launched Perfect 12 Introductions. “We started as a boutique agency and grew it to a worldwide company and have been responsible for over 100 marriages,” says Fusco. “I’m proud to have a client list that reads like the Forbes 100.” She conducts custom-tailored matches for her clients by taking the time to get to know each and every one of them. She has a mind-blowing 90-perfect success rate and has been recognized internationally for her work, including on CNN, CBS, GQ, US Weekly, Esquire and numerous other publications. Fusco was even presented by the mayor of Los Angeles with a Global Excellence and Entrepreneur of the Year Award. “Over the years, I’ve had so many moments of when I was so proud to be the one responsible for creating happiness and love with people who started out as clients and then became like family.” She is also the founder of nonprofit The Maria Gruber Foundation, dedicated to her mother who passed away from cancer in 2014 and created to provide educational tools to help parents, children and loved ones affected by terminal illness. This year, Fusco hopes to create a mobile version of Perfect 12. perfect12.com.