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So, the Best of Our Valley Event was amazing! I had an absolute blast walking around glancing every which way at all of the different vendors that were there representing the best of their field! From the beautiful chocolate concoctions, the free bath products, the GoBean products, which by the way I live by since I don’t like coffee, the jewelry, the cars, the food, I could really go on and on. Oh wait, how could I forget the beautiful women decked out in diamonds smack dab in the middle of the whole thing?! Very eye catching of coarse, and I loved the heels, and did I mention they were painted silver?

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Coming up, which is very exciting, but also a bit sad, are the casting calls for the Face of Foothills 2013! I attended the Scottsdale Fashion Square casting call walking around in the mall after church, and waited in the long line to take my picture. I was extremely excited waiting half of the summer to see if my picture made it on to the website! I half thought it didn’t, but I finally found my face online! Right from the get go it was a struggle getting those votes… I voted for myself I’m not even sure how many times. I recruited my family, and friends, and my poor grandma pulled all-nighters. The first day the magazine came out she visited the Foothills Magazine office for her copies. Besides my hands hurting from the numerous typing and clicking. It became an obsession to get my picture on the front page toward the end. Many times I would wake up to my picture demoted to page three. I even kept thinking of tricks or if there was a computer program that could do the clicking for you, but it was good old-fashioned recruiting and manual labor for me. It was an experience that pushed me to believe in the impossible, really. I did not think 

When I got to the interview process, I had driven up to Scottsdale to meet the faces from the pictures I had memorized, and meet the judges. I was coming from Tucson straight to the interview, and I flipped the hair and walked in to the group.  During the interview I felt so comfortable and impressed, and just kept thinking ‘wouldn’t this be cool if I would actually get something like this?’ It was a truly gorgeous crowd which made me a bit uneasy, but I can say I was myself, which I think is the most important thing you can ever be in any situation, unapologetically you. 

Then, the rest is history! The night they announced I was the Face of Foothills, my whole family came, which could have been a sign, but I was convinced it wasn’t me! I have a habit of expecting the worst, but when they called my name I was shaking! I truly felt on top of the world. One of the things on my bucket list has been checked, and because I believed in myself, and pushed myself into this, it actually happened! Never give up is right, but sometimes so hard, since it’s an easier excuse than taking the chance in the end. 

Some things to think about while moving through life are getting your priorities straight, and finding out what you want, and sometimes letting go and letting God, or believing in fate and listening to the overwhelming sense in your heart to do something or take action, which may not be logical, but it feels right. If there’s something you ever really want to do or say, most likely it’s a higher power urging you over and over to listen to yourself. If there’s something you want to go for, do it! What can you ever lose? Never yourself.


Happy April!

Love Always,

The Face of Foothills 2013