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Home at Last

Finally! After four months abroad, well over fifty hours of traveling, and thousands of sheep later, I am finally back in the Arizona sunshine. Being in New Zealand was an experience I will never forget, but home is where the heart is and I am so happy to be back. As are my friends:



Ready to Return

Well, here I am, finally on the home stretch—I have less than three weeks left in New Zealand, 20 days to be exact. And to be completely honest, I’m ready for some Arizona sunshine.


Home Away from Home

Today marks my sixth week in New Zealand and I think I can finally say that I’ve settled in. When I got here, I wanted so badly to fast-forward through the first month—I didn’t want to go through the process of getting accustomed to new things or put in the effort to make friends. I just wanted to wake up one morning and be, I don’t know…content? Comfortable? It’s hard to describe. It’s that feeling you have at home, where everything moves fluidly but you don’t really notice it because it’s just what you’re used to.

 To be completely honest, I’m amazed at how perfectly everything worked out here. On my housing application, I listed Bryant Hall (my dorm) as my absolute last choice. All I can think now...


A New Place, New Adventures

After an eight-week long winter break, I can finally say I’m back at school—sort of. I’m writing this from my dorm room at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand. I’m here for to study for a semester, but getting ready to leave made me feel like I was preparing for an extended vacation, rather than a semester of college. Honestly, if you’ve been pining away for a new wardrobe, study abroad. You’ll need loads of clothes and shoes that you could never justify buying for Arizona weather. 

The flight over wasn’t too bad, just thirteen hours from Los Angeles to Auckland, the capital of New Zealand. Thankfully, the 2013 issue of Sports Illustrated Swim just came out and I had Kate Upton to keep me...


Emily's Face of Foothills Takeover

My year has finally begun and it seems like everywhere I look, I see my own face starting right back at me. Even when I go to the grocery store with my mom or out for a quick Starbucks, I run into a friend, acquaintance, or someone I vaguely know who congratulates me on my win and recounts their personal voting tales. I mean, Tucson is small, but not that small. It makes me realize just how many people were rooting for me. 

My grand prize—the photo shoot for the cover of the January 2013 issue and web header—came up fast, just as I was buckling down for finals. I think I actually lugged one of my textbooks with me to the shoot but, alas, homework took a back seat that day. 

Even though my modeling...

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