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It’s Valentine’s Day month!

Yes, this is how I refer to it, also known as my birthday month. Valentine’s Day has always been a favorite since childhood since my birthday is in the same month. It’s really as simple as that. Which reminds me of how much simpler things were when we were younger, decisions were made based off an eenie meeney miney moe, and best friends were girls that had the same name as you did, and during Valentine’s Day, everyone was included. I remember how I had to remember to bring a shoebox to school so I could decorate it, and just about everyone had to give me candy and a little ripped out card. The only way I differentiated those cards was whether my little childhood crush gave me that heart next his name or not. Now, Valentine’s Day has so much pressure associated with it, when its only one day. I still obsess over the decorations that come out every year around this time, but this year I want to embrace the new and exciting, being independent, and being thankful for those that surround me with love, whild reminding myself that everyone is loved no matter what, by someone.

New and exciting things coming up for me as well, Besides Face of Foothills being checked off my bucket list, I am considering Mardi gras this year! Earlier in the school year, I attended a journalism conference in New Orleans, and I fell in love! It is so charming, and so European with hanging signs from storefronts, and jazz music lining the streets. I am a little nervous about the extreme crowds during the big holiday, but it’s got to be something one has to do at least once in their life, right?

  I’m still plugging away through my senior year, busy as ever filming interviews, and interning at Arizona Public Media for the show “Arizona Week,” but managing my time wisely, with occasional freak outs, but only once a week!  Just learned how to use a large news camera, and lugged around equipment bigger than I am all over Old Tucson Studios, which is very cool by the way, and I recommend visiting it in Tucson. It felt invigorating being so independent. I also just gave my dog a bath all by myself, which is also a large feat, and I’ve been putting it off for ages, hey I like to congratulate myself on small things as well. She is the color white again, and she is staring at me now with disdain, dogs have it so easy don’t they? This is the one thing I do to make her mad; otherwise she sleeps and eats all day. Whenever I’m going through struggles I just stare at her until she’s uncomfortable. But I seriously adore dogs; they are my life.

Back to my birthday, it has become a bit less exciting than the old tea parties and trail rides on dude ranches, but it is the month of love, so I will be spending it with everyone I love, yes, including the dog.

This month’s challenge is to remember what made you so happy when you were younger, before maturity happened, and you thought too hard about it. Was it making yourself one of those cardboard valentine’s day boxes, taking dance classes, riding a horse, having that tea party, a play date, or playing on a playground. Do it once this month, whatever it is, and maybe it can start being that thing to make you sane when everything is out of control.

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The Face of Foothills