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Tropical Smoothie Cafe recently announced its goal to donate 100,000 smoothies nationwide to local healthcare workers and first responders as part of its #InItTogether campaign to help support those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. To reach the goal of 100,000 smoothies, each cafe has been challenged to donate at least 100 smoothies. In the first days of the campaign, several franchisees jumped on board to donate more than 600 smoothies each. As of March 27, Tropical Smoothie Cafe has delivered approximately 20,000 smoothies across over 20 states and over 30 markets. The brand’s focus has been on supporting all local communities, the same communities where our franchisee owners and the cafe employees live and work. Consumers can follow the #InItTogether campaign by visiting Tropical Smoothie Cafe on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.