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When the Chandler Chamber Ostrich Festival, slated to take place March 13 to March 15, had to be postponed at the last minute, it didn’t just leave disappointed festival-goers. Many of the food vendors who planned to participate had already purchased and prepared food for the festival. In an effort to put that food to good use, many of the food vendors--including Piggly's BBQ, Flaco's, Hebros Kitchen, Action Foods, Giovannis Concessions and Suck It Up--turned their disappointment and loss into blessings for others by donating their food to two food banks around the Valley. The first round of donations went to Azcend Community food bank in Chandler where the thousands of pounds of food was turned into 2,317 meals for people in need. The second round went to the Society of St. Vincent De Paul, totaling 2,000 pounds of fresh food.