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From aiding a musician in helping to make her artistic ambitions come true to transforming an insecure client from the outside in, these confidence-boosting Valley pros have dedicated their lives to making others look and feel their absolute best. 

Larry Smith, Motivational Performance Trainer, @larrysmithfitness

“As a young man growing up in Toledo, Ohio, I made the conscious decision to start a quest to be the best me that I can create. Today, every morning I wake up, I continue to pursue that manifestation of being the greatest me. Through the grace I have been blessed with that comes from my personal relationship with God, I've made it my personal mission to make everyone around me great as well. I am able to accomplish this mission through the clientele that I train. By utilizing fitness as a motivation, I encourage my clients to gain a belief in themselves, so that they can go on to do or achieve anything in life. Developing a fit and healthy lifestyle takes resetting your mind to be challenged. That powerful reset can trigger a positive impact that leads to reaching higher limits—not only in fitness but in life. Fitness isn't simply a fad! It is a lifestyle! It is something that encourages you to go the distance. Breaking past your potential allows you to go higher and be greater.”