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The Gold Standard: 13 Valley VIPs




From the fields of sports, real estate, law, hospitality—and beyond—we learn the keys to success from some of the Valley’s most respected professionals.

“I owe a lot of my success, I believe, to my leaders and mentors I’ve had along the way. I think they really painted a clear picture of the type of hard work that it takes to...


The Polo Ringer

For a daredevil like Jeff Hall, the sport of polo is something that came naturally. He was born into a family of polo players; he began to ride horses at age 4 and was in his first tournament by the time he was 7. “Polo is so much more than just a sport because it has a whole lifestyle surrounding it. The lifestyle has been a part of my life since day one.” Jeff Hall in stables - Nick Garcia credit compressed


Get to Know Barrett-Jackson’s Craig Jackson

“I love this state,” Jackson says. “We go up to the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell. There’re just so many things to see here, I love it.”


In 1995, car collector extraordinaire, Brian Jackson, fell ill and, within months, had passed away. His 35-year-old brother, Craig, had two choices: To let the empire his late dad and older brother established and nurtured with Tom Barrett, who had retired in 1997 and passed away in 2004, continue its course on autopilot, or to steer the future of Barrett-Jackson car auctions in a new direction. Through Jackson’s role as chairman and...

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