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Carrie Severson

President and CEO of Severson Sisters

“Carrie Severson’s passionate commitment to empower young girls inspires us to step up, cape up and fly higher. As the CEO of Severson Sisters, Carrie is an extraordinary visionary with a powerful sense of clarity to see the big picture. She understands hurt people and teaches girls to be strong, yet hold a space of compassion in their hearts. Carrie has a tenacious spirit. She walks her talk and refuses to be bullied professionally or personally. Try to knock her down once and she will stand up three times, each time more powerful than the next. She is the perfect mix of graceful, soulful and scrappy. She holds her boundaries yet sends kindness, positive energy and love to all. Carrie is a guardian of goodness.  With her invisible cape and super-powered up heart, she is a hero for kindness and born to lead Super Girls of today to become Wonder Women of tomorrow.” Angie Krause, Severson’s friend, coach and owner of Moments that Matter