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“I’m inspired by anumber of women—many of whom have inspired me in ways they’ll never know. I am thankful for the legacy they’ve built for me, and the young women who may be inspired to make a difference because of their work.”


SUE GLAWE Vice President of Community Relations at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

SUE GLAWE HAS TAKEN COMMUNITY service to new levels as vice president of community relations at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. In her professional world, Glawe focuses on community and nonprofit outreach and establishing partnerships in order to promote community service.

As a board member of Florence Crittenton, a program that aims to help at-risk girls, the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center, the Arizona Educational Foundation and as the chairwoman of the US Airways Education Foundation, Glawe has made a hobby out of community involvement during her personal time and encourages others to become involved. “Find your passion,” Glawe says. “You can’t do well unless you like the organization or mission; find and identify your interests.”

Along with her long résumé of local service efforts and a superb reputation among notable community members and co-workers, Glawe’s modesty adds to her charm. “I don’t take any personal credit for these things; it’s much more about Blue Cross Blue Shield and their willingness to be front and center in the community,” says Glawe, insisting that the company she has worked with for 23 years is more worthy of recognition.

In her spare time, Glawe enjoys being with her children, grandchildren and two rescue dogs, Gracie and Coco. She is also fond of painting, when time permits—though she shows no sign of slowing down. With a natural love of community service, Glawe continues her ongoing involvement in more and more nonprofit organizations throughout the Valley. —A.P.