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Laced with the perfect dose of femininity and edge, Couture in the Suburbs, is a refreshing mixture of current fashion trends and events across the Valley. Arizona State University students and blogging masterminds, Lindsay Viker, 20, and Natalie Davis, 20, seek to reveal the stylish outfits and creative endeavors of Arizona locals. With everything from Phoenix Fashion Week highlights to style tips and advice, Couture in the Suburbs is sure to become your new favorite online style guide. 




Lindsay Viker

Age: 20

Occupation: Full-time student at W.P. Carey School of Business and social media guru at BJC Public Relations

Favorite fashion designer: Karl Lagerfeld


Natalie Davis

Age: 20

Occupation: Full-time student at W.P. Carey School of Business and sunglass extraordinaire at Sunglass Hut

Favorite fashion designer: Dior


 Lets start by hearing a little about you guys. Who are Lindsay and Natalie?

 Lindsay: I have lived in Phoenix my whole life. Now I’m a junior at Arizona State University, majoring in Business Entrepreneurship and Marketing. I spend my days reading fashion magazines and business articles –along with the occasional classic novel for fun.

Natalie: I moved quite a bit as a child, but have learned to love Arizona and call it home. Currently, I am pursuing a degree in Marketing and Public Relations at Arizona State University, and loving every minute of it. When I’m not studying, you can find me online catching up on any news relating to fashion and the film industry. Seeing me without my iPhone is a rarity.

Where did you two meet?

Our brothers were in the same Pre-K class and became best friends. Our families had play dates and the rest is history. We’ve been best friends for more than half of our lives and know each other inside and out.

What led you to want to get involved in the fashion industry?

Fashion has always been a part of our lives honestly. At age 11 we were playing What Not to Wear in our bedrooms and would go through the teen magazines stalking celebrity fashion; it’s just who we are.

How did Couture in the Suburbs get started?

We were searching for a way to connect and get involved with the industry because unfortunately, there is not much of a fashion scene at ASU. We knew we wanted to have a voice and thought a blog was the perfect way to do it. Couture in the Suburbs is unique because we focus solely on the growth of Phoenix fashion. Every single one of our stories ties back to Arizona. Our passion for the success of local talent is what sets us apart (from others).

What do you hope to achieve with Couture in the Suburbs?

We want to give a voice to Arizona fashion, and show the rest of the country that there is up-and-coming talent here. We look at Couture in the Suburbs as a platform for showcasing extraordinary individuals. The stories are not just our opinion. They are also about what is happening here in Arizona.

What sort of advice do you have for someone who hopes to start his or her own blog?

Be 100 percent committed to it. Lack of focus is detrimental. It’s not always glamorous; it’s a lot of hard work. If you love what you are writing about though, it’s totally worth it.

Who is the photographer for your blog?

We take our own photos. Our content is 100 percent us.

What is it about fashion that you fell in love with?

Fashion is always changing. It is original concepts modeled after previous trends. It is like a big circle, and we love seeing the evolution.

What is the inspiration behind the blog?

Our love for fashion, combined with our passion for seeing others around us succeed in the industry.

Who have been some of your greatest fashion influences?

From mothers to cheer coaches, we have always had amazing women in our lives that have sparked our interest in fashion. We cannot thank them enough for that.

 How would you describe Arizona style?

Not gonna lie, most of it is pretty bad. But don’t worry, we’re working on it.

How would you describe your individual styles?

L: Glam with edge. I like an unexpected twist.

N: Fem pieces that have a tough girl vibe.   

Do you have any favorite recent outfits?

L: I love what I wore to the Madonna concert. And yes, there is a Couture in the Suburbs story on it.

N: I wore a blush lace peplum top with a sheer black maxi skirt to the first day of Phoenix Fashion Week. Of course I threw on a spiked gold necklace to give the outfit some edge.

What are some of your favorite fashion brands and shops?

Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitters, Lizard Thicket and Divaz; just to name a few!

What is one item in your wardrobe you cannot live without?

L: All my leopard print. I am obsessed.

N: Shoes! It is a must have.

What do you imagine yourselves doing in 10 years?

L: I would love to be working at a major fashion label or magazine, learning from the greatest in the industry and preparing to start my own company.

N: My goal is to complete grad school and have a job that combines my two biggest passions—fashion and Hollywood.

This winter, what are some of the latest fashion trends for college students?

Slouchy sweaters and leather boots are every girl’s “go-to” this winter. Unfortunately, in Phoenix, we don’t get to rock the amazing trench coats that are on the streets of NYC, but sweaters are a great alternative.

What “must have” accessories are essential for college students this year?

Sunglasses. Always. How else are you going to creep on people’s outfits walking around campus?

Everyone wants to look good on a first date; what tips do you have (for girls) for the perfect first date outfit?

Wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. You want to look amazing, but you don’t want something so tight you can barely breathe, or a skirt so short you’re constantly pulling it down. Wearing a statement piece of jewelry is also a great conversation piece if the talk dies down over dinner.

For college students with a budget, what are some “do it yourself” alternatives, or cheap options, you would suggest?

Props to anyone who can do DIY, because that’s a skill we seriously lack. Instead, we opt for pieces we know we can wear several ways and buy trendier items at lower cost. Forever 21 and H&M are our “go-to” stores for inexpensive of-the-moment pieces.

Chunky-heel pumps, boyfriend cardigans, big scarves and pencil skirts are some other winter trends this year, what would you suggest to pair these styles with?

Imagine this: an oxblood pencil skirt paired with opaque tights and the chunky-heeled shoes. For the top, a loose ivory sweater with a patterned infinity scarf and messy hair. Perfection.

How do you feel about the UGG Boots and leggings combo?

Over it! Seriously girls, it is time to move on.

What is the last clothing item you bought?

L:  A distressed denim vest

N: A leather jacket with gold studded lapels

If you could spend a day with anyone, who would it be and why?

L: Anna Wintour. I think she is one of the most fascinating people in the fashion industry and her influence can be seen everywhere. She has an insanely good eye for what’s hot and I’d love to pick her brain.

N:  Ryan Gosling. Have you seen The Notebook? Side note: he dresses really well.

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